About us

Pool Operator
Patrick Ammann

My name is Patrick. I grew up in eastern Switzerland, more precisely in Rorschacherberg, a municipality on Lake Constance.

My mother is Venezuelan, my father Swiss. If you look a little closer at my roots, there is at least a portion of Italian blood in me. A bit of a Birchermüesli, as we say here in Switzerland.

Ever since I was a child, I've had a wide range of interests. They range from computer science to sports to economics. Influenced by my father, who worked as an IT consultant, I was particularly fascinated by IT. For example, I created the first website for my school back in 1999.

A few years later and still enthusiastic about the
I decided to study business informatics at the University of Applied Sciences in St. Gallen.
at the University of Applied Sciences in St. Gallen, which I successfully completed in 2012.

Growing up in Switzerland on the one hand and in Venezuela on the other, I have had the opportunity my whole life to experience how people develop and behave under different conditions (e.g. political, climatic). So I was able to see and experience a long time ago what central organisations can do if they are not trustworthy. The keyword here is monetary policy and inflation.

Growing up in two such contrasting countries as Switzerland and Venezuela, but also through various travels, made me realise early on:
We live in a system that has distributed power and wealth unequally and unfairly up to now. For example, it is not a matter of course for everyone to have their own bank account.

Blockchain has therefore been a topic that has preoccupied me for some time.
However, it only really "clicked" for me personally in 2017.
It was a newspaper article that finally piqued my interest and led me to start looking more closely at the topic.

Little by little, I became aware of the potential that such an application operated via blockchain can bring with it:
- Decentralisation (-> distribution of power and assets)
- Security against forgery (-> trust is possible without a third party)
- Stability of value (-> deflation fixed by program code possible)
- Efficiency (fast and cheap transactions, possible 24/7)

Of course, with such new methodologies, everything is rarely perfect from the start. So it is also the case with the blockchain that Bitcoin, as the first of its kind, was and is confronted with various problems.
The same applies to Ethereum, another well-known project.
All this brought me to Cardano in the summer of 2020.

Cardano is the blockchain project that takes a scientific approach. This includes, among other things, that all development steps were and are subjected to so-called peer reviews (otherwise usual for doctoral theses).

The proof of stake mechanism at Cardano is also far ahead of its competitors.
(e.g. coins are not lured and cannot become less).

More on "Why Cardano" can be found here

Through the operation of ADA Suisse, I would naturally like to help promote the Cardano network. 

In order to achieve this, however, in addition to running a pool, it is also important to bring all these new topics & concepts closer.
To achieve this, I have decided to use part of the pool's income for various activities and events:
- ADA Suisse Cardano Marketplace Event
- Telegram group for Stakers (contact me for invitation link)
- Training workshops
- Running a knowledge database (ADAcation)

ADA Suisse Ambassadors

My name is Iared. I grew up in Ticino, but have lived in Zurich for a long time. I have been politically active for many years and also have an interest in the technological development that characterises the era we live in. My passion for languages allows me to communicate in five different languages and translate from German into Italian at a professional level.

I have an eye for progress and change and I am here to stay. Keyword: redistribution and independence.

The participatory factor is at the heart of my "why". The fact that the community can connect, manage and participate in such a large, decentralised, secure and independent network is really great. My sheer curiosity and thirst for knowledge spurs me on to learn more and more about the blockchain, but most importantly about its potential uses.

Objectively, I believe that blockchain technology is unstoppable. It is no longer a question of "if", but of "when". And if we want to use this tool optimally, we have to know it from the beginning.

The seriousness, patient preparation and scientific approach of Cardano is hard to beat. It is not "just" a blockchain, but something systemically revolutionary. I think it is important to help shape and support this technological change and progress from the very beginning.

The ecological aspect also plays an important role. The Proof of Stake protocol makes it possible to make great progress in the area of environmental protection, in contrast to previous blockchain generations. Initiatives such as the "Cardano Impact Challenge 2021" confirm that the Cardano community is sensible and takes challenges such as climate change seriously.

Being part of the ADA Suisse pool means participating in the development of the Cardano network as well as in the promotion of the network in Switzerland. I offer my language skills and my passion to ensure communication and information also in Italian. So that everyone has the opportunity to inform themselves, participate and help shape the network.

The primary goal is therefore to contribute to the creation and maintenance of a united, diverse and solidary community (within the community).