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ADA cation

ADACATION. A great play on words with ADA and education.

What we're really about: a sort of FAQ for those new to the world of Blockchains & Cardano.
Welcome to ADAcation.


Why blockchain?

Why Blockchain? The keyword is decentralization. A blockchain is nothing more than a database that is recorded at several nodes instead of at a central

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Why Cardano?

Why Cardano? Cardano is a phase 3 blockchain project. This means that in addition to the exchange of value (= coins / tokens) and the

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What is staking?

What is Staking? In short, staking is holding back assets in order to earn rewards (= additional income) on that asset. . This works for

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How To Guides

How to stake with Yoroi

These instructions are for installing Yoroi on a PC as a Google Chrome extension.

Alternatively, Yoroi can also be installed as an app for a mobile device. The installation works in the same way.

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