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Why Blockchain? The keyword is decentralization. A blockchain is nothing more than a database that is recorded at several nodes instead of at a central location. This makes it possible to establish a relationship of trust between two parties for the exchange of values (money,… Read More »Why blockchain?

Why dAPPs & Smart Contracts? DAPPs are so-called decentralized applications. DAPPs contain smart contracts. Why smart contracts? Imagine having a method available to do things without depending on institutions you can’t trust? Donations that arrive where you are supposed to because the corresponding token can… Read More »Why dApps & smart contracts?

Why Cardano? Cardano is a phase 3 blockchain project. This means that in addition to the exchange of value (= coins / tokens) and the addition of conditions (= smart contracts), scalability & interoperability are also given. The development of the fundamentals is more advanced… Read More »Why Cardano?

Wallet or Exchange? Where is the best place to store my ADA? ADA Suisse clearly recommends that you keep your ADA in an official Cardano wallet. On the other hand, it is a bad idea to keep your ADA on an exchange. Why? 1. You… Read More »Wallet or exchange?

What is Staking? In short, staking is holding back assets in order to earn rewards (= additional income) on that asset. . This works for Blockchain projects based on a Proof of Stake consensus mechanism.Unlike a proof-of-work-based blockchain (such as Bitcoin or Ethereum), Cardano is… Read More »What is staking?

You have bought ADA and now you would like to stake them?You now have various options. The following video simply shows you how & which is the best way to stake:

How many Rewards do I get? Approximately 5% per year. For every pool that writes a block from time to time & runs stable. You can calculate it more exactly here (calculator will be online soon):

How to buy ADA? How to get from CHF / EUR / USD to BTC / ADA? It depends on your starting point and what your requirements are. Basically, for the first purchase: – The more short-term you want to buy ₳DA Cardano, the more… Read More »How to buy ADA?

How do I secure my ADA? As a holder of a wallet of a decentralised cryptocurrency, you are your own bank, i.e. you have full control over the value on the corresponding address. However, this also means that you should now take on the corresponding… Read More »How do I secure my ADA?

These instructions are for installing Yoroi on a PC as a Google Chrome extension.

Alternatively, Yoroi can also be installed as an app for a mobile device. The installation works in the same way.