How to choose a stake pool?

What criteria should I consider?

Rewards / financial perspective

A pool that is not online when it is supposed to write a block does not get any rewards. So it doesn’t bring much as a staker.

-> Rule: The pool should be online 99.999% of the time & communicate it that way.

A pool that is saturated (=saturated) does not get any more rewards.
Therefore, it does not bring much as a staker.

-> Rule: Saturation should be below 60%.

A pool that does not produce any blocks does not get any rewards.
So it doesn’t bring much as a staker.

-> Rule: A pool should produce at least one block per epoch.

The return, provided the above conditions are met, is always about the same (long term), at about 5% per year (in ADA).


-> Large pool -> more blocks -> more frequent rewards -> is divided by many delgators

-> Small pool -> less blocks -> less frequent rewards -> will be divided by few delegators

Decentralization / idealistic point of view

( = the real reason why you should invest in Cardano or similar)

Delegating my stakes to smaller pools (even though a block may not have been produced yet) promotes the decentralized idea & thus the core of the Blockchain and Cardano approach.

Who operates the pool? Is it a centralized organization like a CEX (Centralized Exchange) that already has 8 pools full & is now filling the 9th?
Is it a nerd who installed a node on his laptop as a side experiment for fun, which is online but I know nothing about it?
Or is it a small group / a person who runs the whole thing cleanly & transparently & is at work with the necessary seriousness & transparency?

Like.. guess who..


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