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Cardano Stake Pool:

ADA Suisse [SUI]

General Information Cardano Stake Pool


ADA Suisse



Pool ID:


Active Stake:
Total Stake:

Active Stake: Amount in ADA actively* delegated to ADA Suisse pool. *Stake at end of penultimate epoch.
Total Stake: Amount in ADA currently delegated to the ADA Suisse Pool. Stand jetzt.
Saturation: A pool has "space" for about 60 million ADA (100% saturation). After that, the rewards per ADA decrease.
Delegators: Number of current delegators of ADA Suisse.

Fees & Rewards
Margin Fee:
Fixed Costs:
Latest Rewards:
Return of ADA:

Margin Fee: Variable cost of the pool (per validated block, deducted from total rewards)
Fixed cost: Fixed cost of the pool (per epoch with validated block, will be deducted from the total rewards)
Last Rewards: Last Rewards distributed to the delegators.
Return of ADA: Income in % calculated on the year. (The value is given slightly lower than is currently the case, since epochs to start the pool, without rewards, are also included)

Blocks in Epoch:
Blocks estimated
Blocks lifetime:
Lifetime Luck:

Blocks this epoch: Number of blocks mined by the pool this epoch. Minted blocks lead to rewards. However, more blocks do not necessarily bring more rewards, but must always be considered in relation to the Active Stake, among other things.
Blocks estimated: Anazhl of blocks that the pool must make on average due to its size (Active Stake) to get to 5% Rewards.
Total blocks: Total mined blocks of the pool since the start.
Luck: So far luck in the staking lottery. In the long run, any working pool should get to about 100%.

Block Producer Node

Online Status Icon

VM on ESXi
Relay Node 1

Online Status Icon

VM on ESXi
Relay Node 2


Raspberry Pi
Datacenter Connection:

3 x 10 Gbit/s redundant

Server Connection:

1000 Mbit Full-Duplex

Availability of Bandwith:


Technical Data from our Datacenter

Server location:

Switzerland (Nottwil)

Operation with 100% renewable energy:


Burglary protection:




Emergency Power / USV:


Why you should stake at ADA Suisse Pool?

Well..we have:

Constant rewards

The pool has constantly been producing blocks since Feb 2021. Thus, rewards are constantly distributed to the delegators.

Minimum Costs

Costs are set to the minimum possible to maximize your rewards.

Great community

Come join our social groups and meet our delegates and get invited to events.

Supporting Decentralization of Cardano

Standalone Servers only (no cloud services)

Not convinced yet?

Well.. also are we:

Deeply Commited

We truly stand behind the concept of Blockchain.

Decentralization is the key to solve so many problems we currently have on this planet.

And Cardano is the best of it's kind.

Highly Skilled​

All our IT guys are highly educated & strongly experienced.

Truly passionate​

We're from Switzerland, but have Venezuelan & Italian roots too.

Thanks to this international background, we know well about inflationary & deflationary issues in the real world.

And we think Cardano could help to solve this.

How to stake ?

Oh, it's pretty simple..

Questions ?

Just ask..