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How-to guides

How-to guides

How to buy ADA? How to get from CHF / EUR / USD to BTC / ADA? It depends on your starting point and what your requirements are. Basically, for the first purchase: – The more short-term you want to buy ₳DA Cardano, the more… Read More »How to buy ADA?

How do I secure my ADA? As a holder of a wallet of a decentralised cryptocurrency, you are your own bank, i.e. you have full control over the value on the corresponding address. However, this also means that you should now take on the corresponding… Read More »How do I secure my ADA?

These instructions are for installing Yoroi on a PC as a Google Chrome extension.

Alternatively, Yoroi can also be installed as an app for a mobile device. The installation works in the same way.

How to choose a stake pool? What criteria should I consider? Basics First of all, it is important to get to know the basic parameters. On the basis of these, you can already make an initial selection in order to find a suitable Cardano Stake… Read More »How to choose a stake pool?